Monday, January 16, 2012

Champagne Bottle Candle

Happy New Year!! Welcome to a new year of blogging, re-designing and DIY fun. Hoping for more projects, more blog posts and more followers in this new year. And what better way to start off the year than with a little project that involves a favorite New Year's Eve activity! Drinking Champagne! Cheers.

Pink Champagne is my favorite! We picked up a few bottles of this for a small pre-night out dinner and drinks before we hit up the city for NYE festivities. And after the bottle was killed (it didn't take long) my cousin's super clever wife Stacy - said oh this would make a great candle holder! The grooves on the bottle were perfect for some dripping wax to fall into. And so of course I made this happen the very next day. (OK it was maybe the day after as I had to allow some recovery time).

I cleaned the bottle and striped off the label with a razor blade then used probably the best invention ever Goo Gone to get off that pesky glue and stubborn bits of label. Goo Gone is AWESOME it can remove pretty much any sticky gunk from anything - you have to pick up a bottle of this if you don't already have it! Any hardware store should carry it. Then I stuck a taper candle in the top (I had to shave the edges a bit with a knife to get it in there snug).

And then I lit it up and let the candle do the rest as wax just dripped nicely down the sides.

After I burned two candles there were some nice drippings forming. And I made a centerpiece using a circle mirror and some glass votive holders.

And now it's like New Year's Eve can live on all year long in the form of a centerpiece! Has anyone tried anything like this? I would love to see some pics! You can email me or please leave a comment on the blog I love the feedback!