Monday, July 30, 2012

Rainbow mirror made out of Spoons!

Yes you read that title correct - this rainbow beauty is made completely from plastic spoons! I was feeling crafty one day and I had stumbled upon Addicted 2 Decorating's blog post here that had outlined detailed instructions on how to make this mirror out of plastic spoons. It seemed so easy I couldn't help but give it a try. I decided to make a more colorful version in rainbow colors as I knew this would be a perfect gift for my friend Mary Beth. I  have been helping her redecorate her room (more on that in future posts). She is not afraid of color - AND she just loves rainbows! It seemed like a perfect fit.

I followed the instructions and all seemed to be working well. I did however underestimate the amount of spoons needed. I kept running out of spoons and had to run to the store about 3 times for more spoons! Even as I was almost done I was 4 spoons short! (The Rite Aid near my apartment no longer has plastic spoons in stock.) You are looking at about 350 spoons to make this magic happen.

And of course my little helper Jules found himself in the middle of it all as always...
I spray painted a primer on once I got all the spoons glued and I did hand paint each spoon as the instructions said and it really wasn't that bad, a little time consuming as some of those lighter colors needed two to three coats of paint. And I kept getting the colors on the spoons in front or behind it any one spoon. But in the end I just went back and touched up all the colors so no one is the wiser!

There were a few hitches that I did come across, one was adhering the mirror to the back. The instructions said to use hot glue - and hot glue def. did not keep the mirror on there. So I used some liquid nail glue that I had on hand and that did the trick! But the other fumble came when we needed to hang it on the wall. I should have put hooks or something on the back before the spoons were glued on because this proved challenging once they were all on and painted it didn't exactly sit flat upside down. But Mary Beth and I used some creative approaches and got picture wire wrapped around the frame to hang it from a screw in the wall and put a few screws into the wall for the frame to sit on the bottom and now seems to be sitting pretty!

And here she is - the happy owner of a new mirror made completely from plastic spoons =)

I did buy supplies to make another one - however I will need more spoons!! What colors should I do next?