Friday, May 13, 2011

Southern Spain Design Discovered

I recently took a European trip that included an extended stay in Southern Spain. Now, as I have many travel fopahs and mishap tales from this trip, (rained everyday, many hours driving around lost, missed flights, just to mention a few) stories for some other time -but I did come home with some great pictures and the Spanish architecture/design was def. a high point of the trip!
View from the center of town in Ronda
View from a side street in Roda
The first thing to catch my eye and draw me in were the gorgeous doors on every dwelling we passed in this  little picturesque town of Ronda. Of course the rain hovered over us but there were a few points of relief and as we walked around I snapped a picture of every door we passed. Each one, more beautiful, and detailed than the one before.

I put together a collection of the shots I took of a bunch of the doors and I think blown up and framed this would made great wall art in any room!

I just love the character and detail in these doors - and these were all on just regular apartment building entrances. They entered into a foyer and inside each foyer's walls was another Spanish treat - gorgeous Spanish tile. SO of course I did the same thing and took pictures of all the tiles. SO yes maybe I had to trespass into some of these foyers but I was fast and no saw me - ha! And now you get to see them up close.

OK so maybe complied the picture is a little busy! But I am sure there is something fabulous I can do with these photos so I am still thinking - any one have any thoughts?


  1. Kimberly, I'd love to see a coffee table book based on both your Spanish doors AND entry tile collections. Or, the doors printed as die-cuts & connected accordion-style to use as a pretend "door"-stop (ha-ha). Or, for your next lamination project, maybe apply the tile photos as a table-top, similar to what you did with the butterfly motifs. Can't wait to see what you come up, idea-girl!

  2. Nice blog, Kim. Lots of cool stuff, and love the doors and intricate details in the pics.