Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Closet Doors - Which way to go?

SO I am in a bit of a decision dilemma. I figured I would blog about it and see what all of you think. As you remember from my previous post I am still plugging away at my Bedroom Redesign. And my focus today is on the closet doors. They are not working in any way, shape, or form. Not only aesthetically but functionally as well.
Blank Slate

So here are the options.

1.) Keep the doors and just live with the function issues BUT paint the outside to really pop. I was thinking stripes or something like this?

2.) Take out the doors and replace them with curtains. Like this. Maybe beef up the outside molding like they did here?

OR there is the option of putting the curtains outside the closet area like this.
Or even making an entire wall of curtains like this.
And then of course this option would present another decision - which fabric to use!

If I go with just covering the doors themselves it falls into the perfect size for a shower curtain. I have been searching for the perfect pink striped shower curtain but I am coming up short. BUT I did come across these fab. ruffled ones - what do you think?
From Urban Outfitters $49.99 each
OR here are some fabrics I found that might work

1.) Amy Butler $8.98 per yard
2.) Robert Allen $14.98 per yard
3.) Michael Miller $8.98 per yard
4.) Michael Miller 48.98 per yard

OR I can make my own stripe fabric by sewing together pink and white material since I can't seem to find the perfect wide stripe material.

So what do you think? Anyone have any ingenious closet door solutions they want to share?

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