Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nightstand Re-Vamp!

Can you guess how I spent my weekend?
OK so I admit I bought these nightstands several weeks (ok or maybe months) ago - and finally got around to sprucing them up! Below is how I found them at the Meeker Avenue Flea Market which I just learned to my own great dismay - has gone out of business???Can this be true? Granted there items were slightly overpriced - but as I learned when purchasing these bad boys - bargaining works! I walked away with these nightstands for $25 each - when initially they wanted $50 each!! But they really had some amazingly fun finds - and this closing makes me very sad =(
But on to my re-vamp! So you can see here the tables have nice lines, are in good condition and they match! But the color wasn't working for me (they weren't pink!) so this is how I fixed that.
I cleaned them up and sanded them down a bit - with my new handy dandy electric sander (makes me an official DIYer!)
(If you are wondering what that interesting wood shelf in the background is - stay tuned for a future post on a steal of a street find!) Next step: I applied a coat of primer (I had left over from painting my living room). And then I put together a little mixture of paints. I had bought these paints to attempt a striping effect in the bedroom but did not like the results so instead they become the paint for my new nightstands. See everything works out in the end.

So what we have here is a tester container of Glidden Fresh Pink Lemonade (it was a little too pink of a color that I had wanted for the walls) and a jar of Martha Stewart Metallic Glaze in Mercury. I just mixed them together and came up with what you see here.
I also had to scrub the hardware for the handles - (I soaked them in white vinegar and soap then took a q-tip to those suckers) they were covered in some grime and underneath found a nice brass finish! Then to add just another detail I took some metallic gold craft paint and VERY CAREFULLY painted in the detailed lines around the nightstand.

OK OK I admit it ...I had some help...this is Jules - he is very creative.

And here it is in the room right beside the bed! Remember that mirror from this post? And yes still contemplating the closet doors discussed here. What do you think?

Hope you like my re-vamp! And hope it inspires you to look again at something old and see the potential. If you need a nudge in the right direction, email me a pic of something you have that has seen better days, and maybe I can give you some ideas on how to make it new and fabulous!

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  1. I see you're still up to your old tricks: Once again, you've turned what for many people would be a chore into an exciting adventure. This would never be the case if you went to a department store to shop for nightstands---no-o, you gotta do it the hard way, almost starting from scratch, and then you make the entire process look SO EASY! I love the transformation from dowdy-second-hand nightstands into graceful, show-offy white swans. My applause.