Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY Mirror

Ever see a gorgeous mirror, or picture, or something else that you know will look perfect in your house... and then you look at the price tag... and it suddenly doesn't look that gorgeous anymore? Well this happens to me all the time- BUT this time I found a solution.

SO in my Bedroom redesign process I was searching for an interesting mirror for the wall. I came across this beauty here -

BUT with a price tag of $562.50 - no way?! My bed didn't even cost that - ha! SO I started to think hmm,... Can I just make that?

I already had a plain mirror (that I found on the side of the street years ago - someone was throwing it out!) and I didn't have a place for it yet - SO this could work!

I took out my T-square and ruler and measured out 3/4" thick lines and used a marker to draw the lines on the mirror. Then I matched up blue painters tape to the outside of the lines to keep it crisp! And I used regular white acrylic paint from the craft store. Then painted away! I did a good two coats to make sure the paint was fully covering the lines.

And TADA! This is what I am left with.... pretty close huh? What do you think?

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