Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bedroom Redesign

OK so now that I have lived in my apartment for almost 2 years it is finally time to really focus my attention on the space and make it fabulous! So here begins the bedroom... Inspiration board above will start the journey.

I am inspired by the colors and softness of the cherry blossoms, again the softness of romantic guitar music, using the lines and tones of the guitar and all with a little art nouveau twist.

OK now that there is a clear cut concept and direction for this space. This concept will be used to guide all the choices made in this space. Choices include: furniture selection, color/fabric choices, lighting solutions, and overall layout of the space. 

The key Design Elements in this space will be Line, Color and Texture.

The importance of the first step of clearly spelling out a concept and direction for your space is a crucial step. It ensures that your space will be unified and all your choices throughout the journey of creating your space will be cohesive and make sense for the space. Rather then just picking pieces that you "like" - though this is important, you also need the pieces to work with your concept. They need to keep with the elements - Are the lines similar? Do the colors go together? Is there enough texture in the space? 

AND I can say the above and prove my point with the below images of what happens when you have intentions of creating an interesting space -and then you lose focus (go to school full-time, while running a business) and stray from your the elements of your concept. Oh yeh and when you have no money!

SO as you can see a re-design is sorely needed. As well as my undivided attention to create a cohesive space that will make me happy each time I enter the space. Also storage will be key to avoid all the loose items scattered about. With all these things in mind I begin the journey and hope you will join me along the way and I welcome any comments/suggestions! Here is the starting point - a blank canvas!

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