Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I need an Antique Iron Bed in my life!

SO I have officially become obsessed with finding an Antique Iron Bed that won't cost me thousands of dollars. Of course I have fallen love with several that will def. break the bank... that I am actually considering, they offer a payment plan! (I am not kidding!) BUT I am still really hoping to score a gem in my craigslist scouring and yard sale shopping.

I stumbled across this company in California called Cathouse that restores antique iron beds, they have tons and sell like 5 beds a day. Of course there was no pricing on the website and the inventory changes all the time so I contacted the owner for more information. And he was super helpful, he sent me over a dozen images of available beds. But of course the prices ranged from $600 - $2000 per bed! The good part was they would ship to NY for $135! But still we would be talking about an investment here. This is the one I really love with a price tag of course of $1345! =(
And then there was this one for $650 - it is nice but not as nice as above - BUT it is half the price, so....
OR this one for $1235
OR going a little lower - $855

SO you all see my dilemma here. What I really love about these beds is the rustic, almost rusted look and the curved lines. I am also considering an antique brass bed, which may be a little easier to find at a lower price point. I have made no commitments yet and I am still pondering my options. As well as keeping a close look out on craigslist. I have an app for my phone that watches new posts and alerts me whenever one is posted so if one pops up I am all over it.

Here are some pictures of rooms with gorgeous beds to drool over.


  1. These beds are gorgeous! Keep looking, I know you'll find it eventually. Sometimes it just takes forever. You MUST share the name of that iPhone app that alerts you to new items. I need that like yesterday.

  2. Dina - well actually I don't have an iPhone I have an Android phone - so looks like the app might just be for he Android? Is is called CraigsNotification - I can start a bunch of different searches with key words and it notifies me of all the postings with that key word it as they are posted. And I can see the pics and the entire posts as well as email the owner about it -all from my phone. It's really cool! I don't know too much about the iPhone apps but I am sure there has to be something like that? I see there is an iPhone Craigslist search tool? but maybe this particular one is just for the Android? Sorry but if I hear of an iPhone one I will let you know.

  3. Wow, those are incredibly beautiful and full of character! They would look great in a summer cottage in the Hamptons!