Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun, Friday Inspiration!

So I hope you all are enjoying my blog - and bearing with me as I figure this out and get my groove! I hope to have more frequent posts and I hope you enjoy the journey through my designs. I want to send a shout out to Design Star Emily Henderson as she is a great inspiration to an aspiring designer (or at least to me!). She started a blog in 2010 before she started the Design Star show and well - it turned out pretty well for her! Here is her New Year's post from 2011 and I absolutely love everything she wrote here - she seems like an amazing and fun person who is on her way to big things and living the life she always wanted!
First look from last week's episode, homeowners did NOT like it!
( I love that wall color!)

If you haven't watched the show yet- you should totally tune in - she is kinda kooky and very real! (HGTV Sat. nights set your DVR's) In fact last week on her show her 'clients' didn't like one of the looks she presented - can you say awkward! But she pushed through and in the end made it something they absolutely loved. Because lets face it - your client or the public is not always going to love everything that you create right? That's how we learn and that's how we grow.
Emily's 2nd look is here, she switched out a few things and it became exactly what
the homeowners wanted and more!

If at first you don't succeed - try, try again!

Happy Weekend to all!

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