Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Black Candles - Why not?

I saw a beautiful coffee table display at a friends house recently. She had grouped together a collection of crystal and glass pillar candlesticks that she had picked up at various places, flea markets, antique stores, even Ikea! And she put black candles in all of them. And they just looked gorgeous all together - take a look.
I think it also helped that my friend is an amazing graphic designer - check out her work here -
This really got me thinking about black candles - you just really don't see them that often in home design - and personally I have never really thought to use black candles, it had just never occurred to me. And why not? WELL I think black candles have just gotten a bad rap - glorified horror movies have helped people think of them with a sort of black magic connotation. OR they become only appropriate for themed Halloween decor - like these.

But after seeing my friend's display and thinking about it I say NO - this doesn't have to be. I did a little research and in fact the true meaning of black candles (yes apparently each color candle has a meaning...) is the color you burn when you are trying to destroy negative forces or rid of serious illness (So what is evil about that?) But those meanings aside - how great to they look? Especially paired with gorgeous candle holders! Here are a few more that I found.
Black Cherry 3 wick candle from PartyLite - sounds yummy!

How great would this look with black candles?
Add some green with your black candles!

What a cool idea - wine bottle candle holders painted black.

These are cool! No candle holder needed.
So look around your house can you fill any of your candle holders with black candles for a new, sleek look?
You can buy plain black pillar candles at a bunch of places like Pier 1, Amazon, Or check your local craft store! 

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