Monday, May 16, 2011

Antique Bed FOUND!!

OK well my tenacity and Craigslist hounding finally paid off - I am sure you remember I started my search here for an Antique Iron bed  and well I just feel like the luckiest person in the world. I found pretty much exactly what I was looking for - and you will NOT believe the price!!
Last Wed I saw a post on Craiglsist for an Antique Iron Bed - $75!!! Take a look!!

I immediately emailed the post-er and shortly after she was calling me. I think she could sense my excitement on the phone as we made arrangements for me to pick it up! She was located in Fairfield, CT but I told her I would have driven to ends of the world for a bed like this! (So an hour and 10 min trip was nothing!)  I had to borrow a larger car and of course force my boyfriend to take the trip with me - but what a nice way to spend a rainy Sunday! And Fairfield is a beautiful town. The couple selling the bed had an amazing house nestled in two acres of gorgeous greenery. They were downsizing and basically selling all of their amazing finds through the years. We toured their house and admired all their antiques. We even came home with a rocking chair for my boyfriend's sister!

The owners had this bed for over 35 years, they bought at an antique shop in NY. It comes from the late 1890's during the Industrial Revolution when Mail-Order furniture first began, and company's like Montgomery Ward and Sears, Roebuck and Company started to mass produce and could ship these items all over the country. Most of them are smaller sizes - this is a full size, because well larger beds weren't around back then - but lucky for me a full size bed fits nicely in my space!

I am now moving out my old bed and getting this one placed nicely in the room - stay tuned for pictures of the final result!

SO moral of the story - hold out for what you want - and don't settle - because eventually it will come your way!


  1. Clever girl! You've outsmarted all the dealers who would have sold you the same bed for upwards of $1200 (rather than the steal at $75). Plus, you got to visit my most favorite state, Connecticut. The bed is even nicer than the ones shown in your search folio and I'm gonna watch to see how you dress it---maybe you'll post seasonal variations to keep the saga going? Congratulations, and sleep well!

  2. Good for you! I love it when people save money and get what they want. I love a good bargain!