Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair

This weekend I went to the 7th annual Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg at McCarron Park. It was like  Etsy in person! So much creativity flowing around - but it was cool to see everything up close and meet the people behind them. I found a few super cool things and lots of inspiration!
This is only one side of the fair - the booths went around the entire park - it was huge!

SO my first purchase was fairly early on at a booth by FluffyCo. They had these really cool wall mounted bottle openers. (Art with bicycles seemed to be all the rage at this fair - not sure if maybe it being in Williamsburg had something to do with that?) But can you guess which one I bought?!

I bet you all got it wrong. NO we didn't get the cats (the colors were a little off for my kitchen) AND well I decided to give in to my boyfriend on this one (plus the colors were better) and we got the first camera one. You can see how these were made here.

There were lots of art prints throughout the fair - I thought these were kinda cool - they had them for different neighborhoods in Brooklyn (too bad they didn't have Queens) but they were cool none the less.
Sorry for the blurry pic but I think you can get the idea. These were done by Rocket Ink
Another interesting item at the fair were these Moss Teraniums by Twig. Basically they are like little worlds inside a jar. Although none of these came home with me - they are def. something to look at.

My final purchase came at the booth of Fauney Yerby. She had these really cute photographs of childrens playing blocks with an animal figure (that corresponds with the letter) ex. M - the figure was a monkey - and so on. I got five of them to spell out the name of my friend's baby. I am going to frame them all together and she can hang in it the baby's room. I am sure she is reading this now so the surprise may be ruined but it's not framed yet so there will be a little surprise. Here are the letters.

This was only a sampling of the over 300 vendors at the fair. But looks like the fair is traveling all over the country so maybe you can catch one!

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  1. Awww you should have gone with the cats on this one!!